Welcome to Comparative Geeks! This is a network for geeks, by geeks, so hopefully you can find a small haven on the Internet here.

Comparative Geeks started as a husband-and-wife blog at https://comparativegeeks.wordpress.com. Over time, a lot of different geeks contributed, weighed in, and grew the blog – and it was time to take that show on the road! So to speak.

Since discussion was such a strong part of what got this group of geeks together and going, we have a Forum to let those conversations keep going. While a blog post might get buried in the mix of more recent articles, the discussion can stay alive in the Forums.

We also have a podcast called Comparative Opinions, with new episodes each week. We try to keep them at around half an hour, and focused for most of that time on one topic. If you have a topic to suggest, let us know!

The site is full, then, of articles on media, news and commentary, opinion pieces of a geek nature. We have a lot of contributors, meaning a whole lot of different things we’re reviewing, and a whole lot of different opinions. Be sure to share yours in the comments, but please, don’t feed the trolls.

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